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There is growing debate amongst real estate investors around AirBnB rentals or traditional 1 - year leases. We at GoodDoors Property Management love and appreciate both options.

For those entering the airbnb model we have 2 tips for you.

  1. Get educated. Youtube has plenty of credible content producers with various strategies and approaches that work for their airbnb business. So find a content producer on youtube that aligns with how you would approach your business and learn from them. And copy them. No need to reinvent the wheel until you truly understand the business. And only way to understand it is to learn and practice.

  2. Learn your local regulations. We advice only investing in Airbnb’s in markets where you can. Regulations set the rules in which you can operate in, and knowing the rules brings clarity around your investment. No need to invest a bunch of capital in locations where you’re likely to get shut down. It is a business, understand the risk.

Whichever you chose, make sure it aligns with your goals. Both Airbnb and traditional rentals are a great way to get closer to your wealth goals.