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Looking to lessen the workload that comes with managing your Saskatchewan rental property? Contact the leading property management service provider in Saskatchewan!

GoodDoors Property Management is the premier property management company, offering customized and comprehensive management solutions to landlords in the area. Our team takes great pride in our work, helping landlords with all matters and aiding them to reach their investment goals by offering excellent real estate investment management services.

We've established our position as the #1 property management service provider in the province. Every member of the GoodDoors Property Management team is experienced, licensed, and well-trained, so you can expect quality customer service that will meet your property’s needs and those of your tenants.

Our team has the expertise to handle different types of real estate, from apartments to condominiums to single-family residences. GoodDoors Property Management is the solution you've been looking for! With us as your partner, you can say goodbye to all the frustration and stress of being a landlord.

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Our Range of Saskatchewan Property Management Services

At GoodDoors Property Management, we offer a wide range of property management services to our clients throughout the Saskatchewan region. Some of the services our team offers include:

Setting the Rental Price and Rent Collection Services

To determine the appropriate monthly price for your rental, our team considers several things: profitability to the landlord, comparable properties in the neighborhood, and unique selling points of the property. Setting the right rent price will reduce the vacancy period and tenant turnover rate.

Rent collection is not as simple as some property owners believe; you need to have the right policies, offer convenient payment solutions, and know how to handle non-payment according to the law.

Once you hire us as your property management partner, you can expect full and prompt collection of rent every month. We have the expertise and experience in offering services so we can handle the rent collection process for you.

Property Advertising and Marketing Services

If there's one thing all property owners dread, it's a vacant rental! A vacant rental means lost rental income, out-of-pocket maintenance costs, and a longer wait before you can realize your investment goals.

To do away with these fears, the team at GoodDoors Property Management uses a targeted real estate advertising strategy and dynamic services that are bound to attract your intended demographic to your property. Using our experience and knowledge of the market, we'll create rental ads that garner the widest exposure and reduce your rental’s vacancy period.

Our team knows where and how to advertise your Saskatchewan rental property. Our team implements both modern and traditional advertisement methods. Contact us today for a more comprehensive breakdown of our marketing services.

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Tenant Screening Services

Our team knows you want to enjoy all the benefits of your real estate investment as soon as possible. That means you'll need to have renters in your properties, of course. However, the quality of tenants is a crucial element that should not be overlooked.

What you should strive for as a Saskatchewan landlord is to find high-quality tenants for your rental. These are renters who pay their rent promptly, maintain the unit, and follow the terms of the lease agreement.

The GoodDoors Property Management team will find you great tenants for your properties by using a thorough screening process which we've refined over the years. Before placing a tenant, we ensure that they have passed a check for income, employment history, rental history, and criminal background.

Lease Agreement Services

Both parties, the landlord and the tenant, are bound to the lease agererment. This relationship is established and terminated by a lease agreement, which covers every possible obligation such as rent payment, maintenance, managing the security deposit, and more.

A lease agreement (when well done) will protect you and your properties from possible legal pitfalls. Never rent out your investment property without having a solid lease agreement in place. When you hire GoodDoors Property Management, we'll prepare a legally-compliant lease agreement that acts in your best interests and enforce it fully.

Tenant Management Services

One of the burdens of self-management is dealing with conflicts. Issues may revolve around noise, maintenance, and more. Solving these complaints requires some skills in mediation as well as a good understanding of local ordinances and property law. Rely on the team from GoodDoors Property Management.

As your property manager, it's our responsibility to reduce the burden on your shoulders through effective management services. We offer your tenants a 24/7 hotline where they can contact us at any time of day for emergency requests. You can enjoy all the advantages of leasing your investment property without the stress of late-night maintenance calls.

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About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is known for its acres of open grassland and recreational activities, ideal for weekend fun. Living in the area gives you an appreciation for the outdoors, especially nature. Some of the renowned attractions include the Prince Albert National park, Churchill River, Cypress Hills, and Milton Lake Lodge.

The cost of living in rental properties is a weighty factor that renters and families consider before moving to an area. Cost of living is a factor of several components including house, utilities, taxes, healthcare, and transportation. Saskatchewan has one of the lowest cost of living rates in the country.

The province offers a wide range of options for both investors and potential homebuyers. If you're looking for properties in a more urban environment, we recommend that you consider the cities of Regina SK, Prince Albert SK, and Saskatoon SK. For a more intimate community feel, cities like Swift Current SK, Yorkton SK, and Moose Jaw SK are the best options.

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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