Professional Apartment Management in Regina, Saskatchewan

Are you searching for a trustworthy apartment manager in Regina, SK?

If you are, then you’ve found the right page! GoodDoors Property Management specializes in the superior management of single-family homes, apartments and condominiums. We can take care of your Regina apartment with ease, providing you with excellent returns and peace of mind.

Working together, we’ll help you accomplish your investment goals. Our approach is focused on both people and profitability. Your tenants are equally valued and treated as clients. Armed with our professional property management skills, you can take it easy. On your behalf, we’ll navigate the time-consuming marketing, tenant selection, rent collection and property maintenance for your Regina apartment.

Our ratio of staff versus properties handled is reasonable. That means all the Regina properties we’re overseeing are managed adequately. The management is efficient as there is a proper distribution of our professional team. Your Regina apartment will enjoy the full property management services with responsible stewardship.

Ready to try the stellar GoodDoors Property Management services for your apartment? Contact us now at 306-994-5475. We’re looking forward to providing you with the best property management services in Regina. Together, we’ll help you grow your rental business in this competitive industry.

GoodDoors Property Management Services

As an apartment property owner, your time is diluted by attending to each tenant and striving to keep them happy. What GoodDoors PM can offer a stressed, self-managing landlord is giving back your precious time without fear.

We are your professional representative and we work extra hard to make sure turnovers remain low, tenants occupying your rentals are responsible and prompt maintenance is delivered time and again.


We aim to please our clients and keep them long-term. Your Regina apartment can enjoy the following range of superior apartment management services:

Completing Lease Paperwork

Solid leasing agreements makes the job of a landlord significantly easier. With multiple rental spaces, it takes a huge portion of your time to meet each renter, discuss the policies, clauses and disclosures. It’s not something you can rush through, either. With GoodDoors PM’s support, we ensure that we go through the leasing agreement with the renters to reach a proper understanding.

GoodDoors PM knows the value of good rental agreements. We strive to make cohesive, tight and complete contracts. It will be compliant with federal, provincial and municipal laws. Vital terms and conditions will be specified. Each tenant will know what’s expected and the responsibilities to fulfill from their end.

Collecting Rent Payments

Pursuing rent payments can require a great deal of effort. GoodDoors PM puts a premium on your time, so we’ll chase payments on your behalf. We have streamlined payment systems that encourage tenants to pay on time. They can choose to head to the office or pay through electronic means.

Should a tenant fail to pay the rent, we also follow a protocol that adheres to the laws in Regina. Any issue that crops up related to rental payments will be resolved by us. Our clients can rest easy knowing that we handle delicate matters professionally.


Showing Apartments to Prospective Tenants

With a rental apartment, renters have different tenancy end periods, so showing your Regina apartment unit can drain your time. Different schedules are set and, depending on the prospect, some may want a more detailed walkthrough. GoodDoors PM can assist you on this matter. We have the ideal number of professionals to meet each prospect, answer their inquiries and conduct follow-ups.

Before showing the apartment, you can count on us to prepare the unit. The vacant unit will be spotless, showing great maintenance. We arrange to repair any damages a previous tenant may have caused. This means the prospects are greeted with attractive units with functional appliances and neat furnishing.
Ensuring the Facilities Meet Provincial Safety Codes

For an apartment complex, the building’s safety codes are even more strict. GoodDoors PM takes security seriously. We see to it that fire extinguishers are available. Smoke systems are also tested frequently so every tenant feels safe. In terms of health safety, proper disposal of trash is observed. We also inspect the apartment for any sign of mold.

Our aim is for tenants to feel comfortable and stay longer in your Regina apartment. Property repairs will be immediate and we assign a high priority to HVAC systems. Most importantly, we take time to review safety protocols with renters for every apartment dweller’s peace of mind.

Solving Conflicts

Conflicts are expected to arise in a multi-resident apartment. This can be towards a fellow tenant, a policy or pets. GoodDoors PM has ready resolutions for conflict-ridden situations. Most of all, we strive to create a harmonious environment that promotes respect.


Our leasing agreements include policies on respecting the rights of quiet enjoyment for other tenants. We also advocate for open communication to address conflict. Our policies are reasonable and firm. We practice fairness and keep balanced views.

Why Choose GoodDoors Property Management?

Operating for 3 years, GoodDoors Property Management is consistent with our customer service offerings. Apartment owners trust our excellent property management. We have solid partnerships with GoodDoors Construction and GoodDoors Development. This means property upgrades and repairs are transparent and efficiently performed. As a business, apartment rentals need strategic focus, and GoodDoors PM stays on top of market trends. Through constant analysis, your ROI is always considered a priority.

As part of our policy, we don’t take money from our clients when an apartment is tenant-free. We make sure you get your earnings before we charge our fees. This shows we look out for your apartment revenue and do not concentrate solely on our bottom line. Your business success is important to us!

With a professional team at your side, you can rely on our skills and expertise to propel your apartment rental business forward. We provide outstanding property management services without the hefty price tag.

Give us a call today, and we’ll come up with solutions to your apartment needs!