Nestled in the heart of Canada’s prairie region, Saskatchewan is well known for its natural beauty. This province has many wonders to offer, from its peaceful grasslands to its pristine forests. Its well-preserved natural areas house hundreds of wildlife species. In fact, there are over 140 recorded bird species in Saskatchewan!

Are you a wildlife and birdwatching enthusiast? Even if you’re just getting started, visiting Saskatchewan will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to experience nature like never before. Keep reading to learn which are some of the most popular wildlife species in this area and where you can see them, from hikes to nature parks.

Discover Saskatchewan’s Natural Wildlife

The province of Saskatchewan has one of the most diverse landscapes in North America. Because of this, the area is home to a wide range of wildlife species. You can find everything from amphibians and reptiles to mammals.

Some of the notable wildlife species you can find in Saskatchewan include the prairie dog, the white-tailed deer, the black bear, elk, moose, and beaver. There’s also a variety of wolf species, coyotes, and foxes.

Some of the best places to explore Saskatchewan’s natural diversity are the Grasslands National Park, Beaver Creek Conservation Area, and the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area.

mountain range with canadian flag

The first one of these national parks hosts the ecotour scenic drive, a 20-km self-guided tour where you can drive through the Frenchman River Valley to take a look at the many species that inhabit it.

One of the biggest reasons why nature enthusiasts love Saskatchewan is the province’s commitment to environmental conservation. Residents take great pride in protecting the area’s natural landscapes through environmental living and eco-friendly tourism.

Enjoy Birdwatching in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s diverse landscape is home to hundreds of diverse bird species. This makes this Canadian province the perfect spot for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. Here are some of the most notable bird species you can find in Saskatchewan:

Whooping crane. These endangered birds migrate to Saskatchewan each spring and fall. They stay in this place for about a month before flying south.
Greater sage-grouse. These birds represent one of the most endangered species in Canada, with only 200 remaining in the wild. Known for their elaborate courtship rituals, the greater sage-grouse can be in the southern prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Burrowing owl. This small, ground-dwelling owl resides in the prairies of Saskatchewan. The best place to find them is the Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre in Moose Jaw.

burrowing owl standing on grass

Eagles. Saskatchewan is home to many eagles, including the majestic bald eagle and the golden eagle. Bald eagles can be spotted throughout the year, but they are most common during the fall. Golden Eagles migrate from Canada for the winter, so if you want to see them, you’ll have to visit during another time of the year.
Piping plover. This small shorebird migrates to Canada during the spring and summer. They can typically be found in northwestern Ontario or in the wetlands of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and southern Manitoba. Because they are an endangered species, their sightings have become more sporadical in recent years.
Snowy owl. Known for its characteristic white plumage, the snowy owl can be spotted in Saskatchewan during the colder months, typically from November to May. These majestic birds can be found more predominantly in the grasslands.
Horned lark. This species is the only native lark in North America. It can be spotted in the grasslands of Saskatchewan all year round.
Northern harrier. Also known as the marsh hawk, these majestic creatures are a sight that you can’t miss. They can be spotted all across Saskatchewan’s wetlands during the summer, typically from March to October.
Bohemian waxwing. This staling-size bird has a distinctive grey plumage, black markings across its face, and a pointed crest. They can often be spotted in flocks feeding off berries in Saskatchewan’s forests and even some urban areas.
Sandhill crane. These majestic birds are nowhere near the Whooping Crane but are about a metre tall! They can be spotted in Canada’s wetlands and agriculture fields during late September and early October.
Western meadowlark. These large, yellow-bellied songbirds are considered the provincial bird of Saskatchewan. The male meadowlarks arrive in the province’s grasslands around early April while the females arrive about a month later. Their characteristic songs can be heard all over the prairies.

flock of birds migrating

In addition to these, there are many other bird species that can be found in Saskatchewan’s varied ecosystems. Whether you're a dedicated birdwatcher or simply someone who enjoys observing nature, you can go birdwatching in the Grasslands National Park.

Located in southern Saskatchewan, this UNESCO World Heritage Site houses a wide variety of bird species, from the majestic Northern harrier to the endangered burrowing owl. You can birdwatch anywhere from national parks to provincial lakes.

Another great place for birdwatching in Saskatchewan is the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area. This national park is home to the oldest bird sanctuary in North America, with over 200 bird species migrating to the area every year. The best time of the year to visit this bird sanctuary is from mid-May to late October.

Bottom Line

Saskatchewan has one of the most diverse ecosystems in North America. This province provides a crucial stopover point for hundreds of migratory bird species all year round. That’s why wildlife and birdwatching enthusiasts from all over the world visit Saskatchewan every year.

While visiting this area for its wildlife and birdwatching opportunities is a fantastic experience, living in Saskatchewan can help you connect with the natural world on a whole new level. With a rich and diverse culture, a strong economy, and plenty of opportunities for newcomers, this is one of the best places to live in Canada!

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