Tenant complaints are inevitable when managing a rental home. Even those who’ve been landlords for more than a decade are bound to face several issues. Ultimately, however, it’s not a question of receiving a complaint. It’s how you handle it. This is why we at GoodDoors Properties have put together this article and the below video, to help landlords understand how to effectively resolve all tenant complaints and keep your tenants happy/

If you can efficiently resolve your tenant’s complaints, it can lead to you enjoying the benefits of long-term tenancy . If you’re unable to fix the issues brought by the tenants, then turnovers are more likely. Tenants whose concerns remain unresolved will often look for another rental space.

Here are common categories for complaints that make it easier for you to prepare resolutions:

  1. Issues over maintenance
  2. Issues over noise
  3. Issues over pest infestations
  4. Issues over pets

GoodDoors Property Management has determined how each issue can be addressed so you’ll always be ready to dish out effective solutions.

Dealing with Maintenance-Associated Complaints

This is by far the most common kind of complaint and brings a great deal of frustration for tenants. As they’re renting the unit, they’re limited on the actions they can take without the approval of the landlord. They’re dependent on the landlord’s timeframe to resolve the issue.

As a landlord, you need to know what’s actually going on, so heading to the rental for inspection is the best course of action. Most tenants have no idea how to deal with maintenance and can make a mistake when analyzing the cause of the property concern . It’s best to see for yourself so you can gain more understanding and can proceed with handling the situation.

maintenance complaints

This inspection method also lets you communicate with the tenant regarding the issue. You can set their expectations on how you’ll be managing and resolving the problem. Once the maintenance complaint has been taken care of, you can reach out to the tenant to conduct a follow-up.

Dealing with a Noise Complaint

There are various ways to handle a noisy neighbor complaint , you can request your tenant to directly communicate with the neighbor regarding the noise disturbance. They can reach a peaceful resolution on their own. If this doesn’t work, then you can take over and resolve the situation.

If the neighbor is another one of your tenants, then it’s quick to manage. You can simply explain the covenant of quiet enjoyment to the tenant. You can direct them to the leasing clause regarding noise disturbances. If the tenant continues with the noise disturbance, then you can decide to evict the tenant.

It might get a tad challenging when the neighbor isn’t one of your tenants. You can try to talk with the neighbor directly, but if the noise doesn’t stop, you can contact your city law enforcement to immediately resolve the matter.

Dealing with Pest-Related Issues

Keeping high-quality tenants means reducing their exposure to pest infestation. Nothing can turn a renter off more than the existence of insects like cockroaches and termites. Bedbugs are also highly upsetting, as well as rodents. They can make a place uninhabitable.

pest infestation complaints

If the tenant informs you of a pest problem, don’t delay action. Promptly call an exterminator and let the tenant know when the visit will occur. You can also include the other units for active prevention if your rental is a multi-family building.

Dealing with Pet Problems

A lot of tenant complaints revolve around a dog’s incessant barking during nighttime or a dog’s threatening behavior. Handling a pet noise issue can be done by communicating with the pet owner. You can proceed with sending written warnings or informing the tenant to remove the dog from your premises.

If the noise still continues, you might consider eviction. Even if eviction is a drastic measure, losing several tenants because of the noise disruption can become a greater problem.

If the problem stemmed from a tenant being unable to clean up after a pet dog, you can remind the tenant of the responsibilities of being a pet owner. If the problem continues, you can refer the tenant to the city bylaws and the signed lease contract on the cleanliness clause. Finally, written warnings can be issued followed by an eviction if the problem continues.

Dogs that are threatening for displaying aggressive behavior must be promptly handled. The owner must be informed of the situation since other tenants can get hurt.

pet complaints

You want to promote safety in your rental premises, and this must be honored by pet owners living in your property. Issue warnings and a possible eviction if the matter isn’t resolved by the pet owner.

A Process On Managing Complaints

Facing complaints requires patience and initiative. Make sure you remain accessible. Avoiding the tenant can only lead to a greater conflict. Make sure you can be reached easily and that there are multiple ways to contact you.

Here are other things to remember as a landlord facing a tenant complaint:

  • Practice empathy and truly listen to your tenant. This promotes respect and a clear understanding

  • Avoid dismissing the issue or minimizing the concern. Have an open mind to prevent renters from building up frustration

  • Prompt response is expected when a tenant reports an issue, so take action right away

  • Keep a copy of all the communications with the tenant and expense receipts. This should be in writing so if the situation results in a lawsuit, you have proof to defend your side

  • Always keep the tenant in the loop while resolving the complaint. Tell them about the steps you’ve taken and the expected repair timeframes

Bottom Line

Tenants want to feel reassured that their property issues are being dealt with and prompt action is taken by the landlord. When you successfully manage tenant complaints, you can retain your renters for the long term.

If you have little time to attend to tenant complaints, you can always consider hiring a property management company like GoodDoors Property Management. As your official representative, we’ll make sure to address each tenant issue. You’ll feel more confident knowing that you’ve provided outstanding customer service to your tenants with the help of a professional and skilled team.