There are many factors that play into a tenant’s consideration to rent a property. However, its attractiveness plays a crucial role, this includes a good physcial and online presence for your rental property.
One aspect of a rental property’s attractiveness that is often overlooked is curb appeal.

A good first impression is essential for rental properties. Although you might have invested heavily into acquiring the best furnishings or contracting the most competent interior designer, failing to boost your property’s curb appeal can turn away prospective tenants.

It’s costly for a rental property owner to overlook the importance of great curb appeal.

However, the process of improving your property’s curb appeal doesn’t need to be expensive!

A landlord can do small tasks that add up to make significant changes, thus encouraging potential tenants to apply to rent your property.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to boost the curb appeal of your rental property. Keep reading to discover how you’ll earn a competitive edge by creating an outstanding curb appeal.

1. Increase the Number of Plants and Foliage

landscaping tips
Foliage is pretty, no doubt about that. Well-maintained landscaping can go a long way toward making a property look inviting.

Adding some potted plants near the entrance or planting a few shrubs in the front yard can go a long way in brightening your space.

Vegetation also creates a colourful, pleasant atmosphere that offers a relaxing ambiance. Other benefits include boosting vitality, filtering the air, and improving soil quality.

However, make sure that you hire the services of a landscaper when beautifying your front yard.

2. Use Vibrant Colours

Boosting your rental property’s curb appeal does not have to be a daunting task. There are a number of simple steps that you can take to help make a big impact.

One of the most important is to use bright, vibrant colours throughout your investment property.

This is particularly true for the exterior where you can paint walls, fences, and mailboxes bold colours that will catch the eye and make your rental stand out from your competitors.

Additionally, planting colourful flowers in your garden beds or adding decorative planters on your front porch can help highlight the natural beauty of your property and create an uplifting atmosphere for potential tenants.

A bright splash of colour can draw people’s attention. It also adds interest to a home would otherwise seem uninteresting.

3. Take Your Lighting to the Next Level

Lighting is an essential part of any successful landscaping scheme, since well-placed lighting can help illuminate the exterior of your rental and make it stand out.

Hence, your curb appeal must be appealing at all times of the day and night. That is why lighting is so important.

Regardless of your budget, every landlord has numerous lighting choices. Spotlights and hanging lights can help accentuate the beauty of the building and brighten the façade of your rental.
lighting house facade
Path lighting not only illuminates your rental property, but also gives visitors a warm welcome. Additionally, an illuminated home adds up to a secure home.

4. Prioritize Landscaping and Upkeep

A well-kept and attractive front yard is unbeatable if you want a competitive edge against other rental properties.

So, you should partake in activities such as regular lawn mowing, trimming, and eradicating weeds from your yard. If you have outdoor spaces such as patios or decks, be sure to keep them clean.

5. Redo the Paintwork to your Rental's Façade

Wear and tear is inevitable, and every property owner should expect their property's exterior to get dull over time.

Repainting is a relatively easy and affordable way to make a big impact, helping to add colour and style to the exterior of your home.

Additionally, repainting can help hide minor surface damage or cracks so that your property will be more aesthetically pleasing at first glance.

To get the best results, choose high-quality paint that will stand up well against the elements. if you’re not experienced in painting, consider hiring a professional to complete the project for you.

It’ll make a big difference in terms of attracting new tenants and securing long-term leases.

6. Concentrate on the Front Door

A neat and inviting entryway will make fora great first impression on prospective tenants.

Is the paint chipping, or do you see peeling window film? Consider a new paint job, or replace the door if it’s really outdated or warped.
front door rental
Since the front door is the primary entrance to your rental property, ensure the material is sturdy and long-lasting so it’ll fulfill the style and security functions.

Complete the look by keeping the area around the front door clean and clutter-free.

7. Have a Routine Cleaning Schedule

A clean facade makes an attractive property, so you must have a routine cleanup schedule.

While cleanliness is often overlooked, it may be the most important factor to leaving the positive impression that your competitors are lacking.

Spend some time power washing the walkway and sidewalk, sweeping the porch and gutters, cleaning outdoor furniture, and removing clutter.

Bottom Line

Saskatchewan landlord’s responsibilities are diverse. One of their main responsibilities is to keep the property in good repair so that your renters may live comfortably.

This responsibility is important, but can be quite overwhelming.

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