As a landlord , you should be in good standing with your tenant at all times. Often, the relationship between a landlord and tenant is just considered from a business perspective. After all, it’s from the prompt and full collection of rent that landlords are able to meet their financial goals among other day-to-day needs.

But for you to maintain and keep your tenant long-term, a more personal consideration is required. In this article, the experienced and professional team from GoodDoors Property Management offers some tips on how landlords can build a healthy relationship with their tenants!

Established Ground Rules

A landlord-tenant relationship can only last if both parties are on the same page in terms of requirements. From the onset, express your expectations to your tenants. While you might have a lease agreement that communicates this, have a one-on-one conversation with them. This will help make the expectations set in.

By setting up proper expectations, you are establishing a firm foundation for your landlord-tenant relationship.

Regular Communication

By consistently communicating, the tenant will feel able to talk about any concerns they may have with the rental property. As a landlord, you will be aware of the drawbacks of your rental and how to improve it to meet their needs.

Communication offers you an opportunity to provide a solution to the tenant’s problem. As a landlord, you’re likely to also gain a long-term tenant on your property by implementing these fixes.

Multiple Channels of Communication

Being communicative is only the first step. You have to be reachable, after all. Most landlords will insist on using formal channels of communication for tenants to request property repairs and their other property-related needs. And, while this is a good idea, emails are easily overlooked, leading to missed deadlines and disappointed tenants.

tenant communication

Such a scenario can be avoided by having multiple channels of communication. Provide your tenants with your phone number as a backup. You can also choose to create a social media group via WhatsApp or Viber.

Routine Visits

In the current age of technology, face-to-face interactions often aren’t seen as necessary. However, in-person visits allow you to connect more with your tenants as well as help you to conduct regular inspections of the property.

Regular inspections provide the chance for you to detect problems at an early stage. This will help you minimize heavy property repairs/replacement costs to the benefit of both you and your tenants.


With any business, it can be easy to view people as numerical figures at a certain point. But there are real people behind those numbers who have expectations, personalities, and values.

Once you change your perception of your tenants, you can be the best landlord you can be. Being fair and more compassionate makes all the difference in retaining great tenants. If you don’t attempt to see things from your tenant’s perspective now and then, it could mean losing great tenants.

For example, your tenant could otherwise pay their rent consistently if it weren’t for a sudden loss in their lives that delayed paying rent just one time. In such a case, try to be empathetic rather than penalize them.

Tenant Privacy

For the period that you have leased out your home, the rented premises is the tenant’s home. You must give them space and privacy.

tenant privacy

While it is your property, you cannot show up and enter the renter’s space without permission. Not only is it jarring for them, but it’s also against the law. The quiet enjoyment of space is listed under Regina’s landlord-tenant laws, and it’s beneficial to be familiar with these conditions.

Rental Property Maintenance

You will agree that tenants can be very particular when it comes to the condition of the property as well as the amenities installed. In a competitive rental market such as Regina, landlords are constantly improving their amenities to attract and retain their tenants .

To stay ahead of the competition, always maintain and improve your property to keep it in good condition. If you’re not sure of which amenities to install, conduct a survey of the newer properties in your neighborhood.

The amenities that you install must be relevant to your target demographic. Families, for example, will consider a new kitchen countertop and a green outdoor space over included Wi-Fi which is more fitting for young professionals. By acknowledging their needs, your relationship will improve.

Availability and Responsiveness

As expressed above, the condition of your property really matters to your tenants. Therefore, being available and responsive to tenant requests is an easy way of improving your relationship with your renters.

be available to tenants

Most renters don’t expect you to cater to every request immediately. They understand that landlords have other things to attend to. What they expect , however, is for you to give them a timeline. When can they expect to have the problem resolved? Give them that, and they will be more than satisfied.


There are several technological innovations that can make your life easier as a landlord. For starters, you can use a tenant portal. This tool allows your tenants to address requests and other demands that they might have. If you have a reliable contractor on hand, you can have them attend to the issues by simply offering them log-in details.

Technology is here to save you time and money. Make use of it and offer your tenants this beneficial service

Bottom Line

The tips offered above are guaranteed to provide your tenants with exceptional service. Landlords can create and maintain a healthy relationship that will improve the returns of their investment in real estate. But, to realize the benefits, landlords need to put in the effort and time.

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