Unlocking Investment Opportunities in Saskatchewan's Rental Market: A GoodDoors Perspective

March 6, 2024

As a leading Residential Property Management Company, GoodDoors is committed to providing our investors with the latest insights and opportunities in the rental property market. With the Saskatchewan real estate market experiencing a significant shift, there are key takeaways for potential investors looking to capitalize on current trends.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unprecedented Demand: The Saskatchewan market has seen a robust increase in sales, reaching the highest February sales since 2006.
  • Inventory at a Historic Low: Despite a slight increase in new listings, the high sales volume has led to a dramatic reduction in available properties.
  • Rising Property Values: The provincial benchmark price shows a considerable year-over-year increase, signaling a strong investment potential.
  • Varied Regional Dynamics: Specific regions, including Swift Current-Moose Jaw and Regina-Moose Mountain, exhibit particularly strong sales and price gains.

Saskatchewan Market Update: February 2024

The Current Landscape

In February 2024, Saskatchewan witnessed a remarkable 999 property transactions, marking a 17% increase from the previous year and standing 24% above the decade's average. This surge in sales, following a seasonal trend but with significantly higher momentum, underlines a vibrant market with growing investor and buyer interest.

Despite new listings entering the market, consecutive months of heightened sales activity have led to a supply squeeze. The inventory has fallen by 17% year-over-year, positioning it 38% below the average of the past ten years. This scenario presents a golden opportunity for investors, especially as detached home sales lead the charge in this bustling market.

Price Dynamics and Investment Insights

The provincial benchmark price ascended to $330,800 in February, showcasing a near 5% elevation from the previous year. This increment, especially notable in detached homes, signifies the investment-worthy growth in property values. The month-to-month increase alone exceeded $10,000, a trend that GoodDoors believes indicates a ripe market for rental property investors.

Regional Highlights

The Swift Current-Moose Jaw and Regina-Moose Mountain regions stood out with the most significant sales increases. Inventory challenges are particularly pronounced in the province's larger regions, hinting at under four months of supply in areas like Regina-Moose Mountain and Saskatoon-Biggar. This tight supply scenario suggests a strategic investment point for those looking to enter or expand in the rental market.

Focusing on Investment Potential

With the rental market set to benefit from these dynamics, GoodDoors emphasizes the strategic advantage of investing in Saskatchewan's real estate now. The combination of strong demand, limited inventory, and rising property values creates a compelling case for potential investors.


The current trends in the Saskatchewan real estate market represent a unique opportunity for rental property investors. GoodDoors is here to guide you through this landscape, leveraging our expertise to unlock the potential for substantial returns. Whether you're considering entering the market or expanding your portfolio, the time to act is now, with GoodDoors as your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of property investment in Saskatchewan.