Saskatoon is home to rich and diverse cultures, and the art galleries in this city showcase how vibrant the arts community in Saskatoon is! Whether you visit the Saskatchewan Craft Council to see local exhibitions or the Remai Modern Art Gallery to experience interactive installations and modern art, Saskatoon’s galleries are bound to impress.

For decades, Saskatoon has hosted exhibitions by talented internationally-recognized Saskatchewan artists such as Zachary Logan and William Perehudoff. The artists and art showcased in Saskatoon’s many galleries are made up of diverse mediums that illustrate how art is often incorporated into daily life in Saskatoon.

From paintings and sketches to embroidery and wood carvings, the art in this city speaks to the way creativity and life intersect when you live in the Canadian prairies.

Saskatoon’s galleries often focus on the unique cultures found in this city, and many seek to highlight Indigenous artists whose work is a testament to the Indigenous cultures that have grown and survived on this land for thousands of years.

Whether you live in Saskatoon or are just visiting, we recommend exploring the following galleries.

Collector’s Choice Art Gallery

This gallery showcases art pieces and holds a series of exhibitions by artists and sculptors from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and western Canada. Because of the rich history in this area, Indigenous artists from Treaty Six territory and beyond are featured in this gallery’s exhibitions.

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This gallery also offers custom framing and repairs for its patrons.


This gallery not only offers dynamic window galleries for passers-by but is a non-profit community organization that supports local artists and hosts exhibitions featuring multiple artistic mediums.

If you’re looking for dynamic digital art or audio and video exhibitions, this gallery is bound to impress. While you can apply for a yearly membership, PAVED Arts’ exhibitions are always free to the public.

This organization also supports artists by offering artist residencies, production grants, and access to affordable media art production studios and educational support.

Hand Wave Gallery

Saskatchewan artists’ works are exhibited in this gallery from May through December and can be purchased in the Fine Craft Gallery and Shop. The Hand Wave Gallery, owned and operated by June Jacobs, has focused on marketing the works of Saskatchewan artists for 36 years.

Remai Modern

Remai Modern can be found in Saskatoon’s River Landing and is known as a contemporary art museum. It boasts 11 gallery spaces and offers a wide range of programs that include workshops, films, artist talks, and more.

The Cameco Learning Studio situated on the second floor of the museum is a venue for kids and adults where you can create and engage in art-based activities.

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The Art & Design Store at Remai Modern presents unique wares that patrons can purchase and display in their own homes. This shop includes goods from local and international artisans. Educational and fun items are found here as well as branded merchandise from the art museum.

You can also drop by for a meal at Shift Restaurant located on the ground floor of Remai Modern.

This art museum showcases modern art of all kinds. It seeks to deliver transformative experiences linked by art and local and global communities. For a full list of current exhibitions, you can visit Remai Modern’s website.

Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery

To see how Saskatoon celebrates the art of craftspeople, visit the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery in Saskatchewan. You can also visit the adjoining Fine Craft Boutique which features art pieces from more than 80 Saskatchewan Craft Council juried artists.

The Museum of Antiquities

This museum at the University of Saskatchewan seeks to highlight the artistic accomplishments of both Western regions and Middle Eastern civilizations. Many of the most notable pieces in this gallery are well-crafted replicas of priceless original artworks such as the Venus de Milo.

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Instead of battling crowds and buying expensive tickets to European museums, you can witness Greco-Roman statues which often show less wear and tear than the original pieces that can be negatively affected by air conditions and other environmental factors, such as replicas of the panels from the Parthenon frieze.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada

Honoring the Ukrainian culture in Canada, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada focuses on cultural preservation. The art and artifacts at the Ukrainian Museum of Canada highlight how daily items such as traditional clothing and carvings and unique cultural artifacts such as pysanky embody traditional Ukrainian culture and art.

Bottom Line

Saskatoon’s vibrant art and culture are featured in numerous galleries across this prairie city. Whether you’re looking to visit the Paris of the Prairies or want to move to Saskatoon to enjoy the local restaurants, live music venues, and shopping there is something for everyone here!

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