Saskatoon has earned a reputation for having some of Canada’s most upbeat and lively bars! The pubs and bars you’ll find in this city represent the true prairie spirit of friendliness and hospitality.

From trendy bars and laid-back pubs to local taverns and exceptional breweries, the bars in Saskatoon are proof that this city is unlike anywhere else!

If you’re looking for a great place in Saskatoon to down a few drinks in good company after a long day of shopping or exploring, keep reading!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best bars in Saskatoon.

Cohen’s Beer Republic

Cohen’s provides an outstanding balance between cool and trendy, with a fantastic menu and drink selection. This is a great spot for meeting friends over the weekend. The space is expansive, with an industrial feel that’s made comfortable through including splashes of color and hanging greenery from the ceiling.
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Cohen’s offers classic pub food alongside healthy meal options. When it comes to drinks the local beer and extraordinary whiskey can’t be beat! Their selection also includes an array of wines, spirits, and signature cocktails.

Cathedral Social Hall

This is another excellent pub located in Saskatoon’s Central Business District. This downtown location has a comfortable beer hall with lots of space and great lighting. They also offer a wide variety of beer on tap and a great selection of pub food to suit your cravings.

The Cathedral Social Hall even has an outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of the historic Delta Bessborough Hotel. If you’re looking for a casual place to get some beer and good food, this is it!

Winston’s English Pub and Grill

The Hotel Senator lies in the heart of downtown on 21st Street East, which hosts the welcoming Winston’s English Pub and Grill. As the name suggests, this quaint location features British décor, meals, and numerous quality beers on tap.

While the menu is predominantly traditional English food, some delicious local options are also available. The classic pub is quite popular with visitors and university students. The rooftop patio is a great attraction, especially in the summer months. They also offer great deals on their menu and their amazing beer selection that will keep you coming back for more.

9 Mile Legacy Brewing Company

The 9 Mile Brewery can be found on the newly revitalized 20th Street in Saskatoon. This is the place to be for any beer lovers looking to try some high-quality craft beer! This small-scale brewery has a reputation for producing some of the best craft beers in the city.
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Some food stands in the brewery offer just the right snacks to go along with your beer. The best part about the 9 Mile is that you can sample all sorts of ales and stouts by ordering a beer flight!

Congress Beer House

Along 2nd Avenue South lies another gem known to Saskatoon’s beer lovers, the Congress Beer House. This laid-back pub is a clear contestant for one of the best bars in Saskatoon. Though the location may not look like much on the outside, the inside tells an entirely different story.

Congress Beer House has a gastro-pub feel and lives up to its glowing reputation by having a fantastic variety of beers. Visitors are always spoiled for choice when deciding which beer they’d like to try. The menu also has a remarkable selection with both comfort food and healthy meal options available.

Amigos Cantina

Down Dufferin Avenue is this laid-back bar and famous Saskatoon music venue! Amigos Cantina is a popular bar that offers unparalelled Tex-Mex food, tasty beer and a wonderful ambiance for folks from all walks of life. This is the perfect place to spend a night out with friends!

The Hose & Hydrant

Fancy getting a beer at an old fire station? The Hose & Hydrant provides one of the most unique experiences in Saskatoon. The cozy interior has some elements dating back to 1911 when the building was first constructed.
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The Hose & Hydrant also boasts outdoor seating on a rooftop terrace which offers a beautiful view of Saskatoon’s famous sunsets. There is also a great selection of reasonably priced and incredibly tasty beer.

Their food menu includes a variety of options including wings and burgers in addition to more healthy dishes. The Hose & Hydrant stands out as one of Saskatoon’s most authentic and classic bars.

Final Thoughts

Saskatoon’s bar scene is one of the most vibrant in Canada! Many residents and visitors are eager to share their fantastic experiences and the beautiful memories they’ve made in different bars around the city. Saskatoon is truly a city like no other!

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