One of the most important things for a parent is ensuring their children have a quality education. Therefore, as a parent in Saskatoon, you’ll want to make sure your child enrolls at one of the best elementary schools available.

In today’s article, we here at GoodDoors Property Management will walk you through the 7 best elementary schools Saskatoon has to offer. This will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing which school to enroll your child in.

1. Greystone Heights School

Greystone Heights is a diverse learning community. It includes students who have not only come from Saskatoon, but also from around the world. The public elementary school is located at 2721 Main St, Saskatoon.

Greystone Heights School belongs to the Saskatoon Public School Division. It’s one of only three elementary schools that offer the SAGE program.

The school firmly upholds the standards of teaching and learning as a means to impart knowledge to the younger generation.

Greystone provides its students with special and extracurricular programs designed to accommodate their needs, interests, and talents.

The school is located at 2721 Main Street. Their phone number is 306-683-7230.

2. Lawson Heights

Lawson Heights School is located in the northeast Saskatoon neighborhood of Lawson Heights. It enrolls students from Kindergarten all the way to Grade 8.

Lawson Heights prides itself on providing a welcoming, productive, and safe learning environment for its students.

In addition to the standard programs, the school also provides the following:

  • Language Learning Pre-school. This program is designed for 3-4-year-olds who either have language delays or hearing problems.
  • Cooperative Preschool. This program provides classroom space for 3-5-year-olds.
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL). If your child requires support to become proficient in the English language, this program has you covered.

In addition to these programs, Lawson Heights provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities to its young learners. This ensures that students not only enhance their knowledge, but also enrich their social life as well.

Lawson Heights School is located at 430 Redberry Road, Saskatoon. Their contact number is 306-683-7340.

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3. Roland Michener School

Roland Michener School is located adjacent to Sidney L. Buckwold Park. It’s a safe place to learn, where students are accepting and care for one another.

The school has a staff of about 30 people, and a student population of around 200. Roland Michener School is located in a great area, with convenient access to a park, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and playground equipment.

For a well-balanced education, the school prioritizes academic growth, personal development, and social and cultural development. This, according to the school, ensures learners will have focus and direction further down the line.

Besides the excellent learning program, the school also has a comprehensive extra-curricular program as well. Teachers encourage students to become involved in all aspects of school life, including athletics, academics, citizenship, and arts education.

Roland Michener School is located at 4215 DeGeer St. Phone contact: 306-683-7440.

4. Brownell School

Brownell School is a K-8 elementary school at the heart of the Silverwood Heights neighborhood. The mission of the school is to provide a safe, nurturing, child-centered climate in which every student can flourish.

The staff at Brownell School understand that every child needs special care when it comes to their elementary education. For this reason, the school tends to each child’s emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs.

They adopt special considerations to discover and harness the dreams, interests, hobbies, passion, and strength of students.

In addition to the normal school activities, Brownell also offers special learning opportunities designed to challenge students. These programs include outdoor education, project-based learning, and functioning life school (FLS).

Brownell School is located at 274 Russell Road. Phone contact: 306-683-7120.

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5. Brunskill School

Brunskill School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 elementary school located just three blocks south of the University of Saskatchewan. Officially opened in 1951, it’s named after one of the most dedicated members of the Saskatoon Public School – William CY Brunskill.

The school offers a vibrant learning environment, with staff embracing the use of powerful instructional strategies and tools to facilitate learning.

Brunskill also offers specialized programs for students with disabilities. The school also has the service of a school psychologist, speech language pathologist, and social workers with access to resources and consultants from other public schools in the city.

The school is located at 101 Wiggins Avenue. The phone contact is 306-683-7130.

6. Dr. John C. Egnatoff School

Dr. John C. Egnatoff is a strong, vibrant hub for learning. Established in 1988, the school serves the Erindale and Arbor creek communities in Saskatoon.

The school promotes literacy at all grade levels thanks to an enhanced literacy program. The program motivates students to perform exceptionally, not only in academics but also at a personal level.

Teachers work seamlessly to ensure students at Dr. John C. Egnatoff School get the best education. Bullying is taken seriously at this school, and children are taught how to respect and care for one another.

The school is located at 225 Kenderdine road. Phone contact is 306-683-7190.

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In Conclusion: Saskatoon Elementaries

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. Whether you already live in Saskatoon or you’re thinking of moving to Saskatoon with your family, we hope we’ve made the selection much easier for you.

The 6 schools above are all great choices, as the schools in Saskatoon are really top-notch. Thanks for reading!