The shopping scene in Saskatoon has gotten even more exciting since popular brands like Guess, Sephora, Bath & Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret have opened storefronts in the city’s downtown core!

Saskatoon also offers a wonderful selection of locally owned shopping outlets for people trying to find something unique. Many of these retailers offer products that can’t be found in other cities which is one of the things that makes Saskatoon truly special!

Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out options that Saskatoon provides to people looking for a quality shopping experience!

Downtown Saskatoon

The Saskatoon downtown area has seen tremendous growth in terms of the one-off shops and businesses that attract large crowds on a regular basis. This can be attributed to the efforts of the Saskatoon Downtown Business Improvement District which is trying to make the downtown area a more vibrant scene for local businesses!

Downtown Saskatoon offers a wide variety of options for shoppers, providing access to tailors, outdoor gear, commercial galleries, and skincare products. Some wonderful restaurants are also accessible with options that include family bakeries and fine-dining restaurants.

downtown saskatoon sk

A trip to downtown Saskatoon is an amazing experience in itself. The streets are buzzing with different vendors, artists, and performers.

Chances are, you’ll probably come across a jazz performance, Shakespeare reading, local theatre production, or an amazing fireworks show! Downtown is the place to be if you want an authentic taste of the Saskatoon shopping experience.

Super Duper Flea Market

The Super Duper Flea Market was established in the 1980s and it is one of the most popular places to shop in Saskatoon. Like other vintage shops in Saskatoon, his market hosts more than 200 vendor stalls selling items such as jewelry, furniture, antiques, and collectibles. The market also has plenty of food and freshly baked goods to fuel your shopping spree.

This market is an initiative of the Saskatoon Nutana Lions Club and they charge a small entry fee which is directed towards the club’s charity programs. It is however completely worth it considering all the shopping you’ll get done under one roof!

The Drinkle No. 3

This building was initially constructed in 1913 and it is now home to a family-run shopping center. The historic property is a staple to Saskatoon shoppers because of all its hidden gems! The Drinkle offers one of the best shopping experiences in Saskatoon with a mix of stores that include a jewelry store, a vintage clothing store, and a specialized grocer among others!

At The Drinkle, shoppers are always amazed at the wide variety of items they can purchase under a single roof.

The Vintage Mall YXE

The Vintage Mall is a unique marketplace where buyers and sellers get to interact and exchange of all sorts of items. This retail space hosts multiple vendors selling different items such as china, mid-century homewares, and various antiques that get shoppers excited!

shopping vintage yxe

This unique retail space is owned by Joanne Lukash, who envisioned a place where antique collectors and owners can showcase their items without having to open their own storefront. Even though the place is relatively new, there has been great interest by both vendors and buyers.

Basically, the Vintage Mall YXE is the go-to hub for all things antique!

Thistle and Clover Vintage

This business was started by a vintage collector named Jennifer Shantz who found her passion when she started collecting vintage Pyrex. She began selling some of the vintage items she collected, including kitchen goods and vintage home decor on Instagram and it resonated well with the Saskatoon community.

Buyers and collectors of vintage items can reach her on her page @ThistleandCloverYXE to purchase some of her unique items. Some of the featured products include furniture, lamps, mid-century pottery, vintage Pyrex, glassware, and radios. A number of vintage lovers turn to her page to find some of the most unique and well-preserved items on the market!

Peryton Books

With more than 30,000 books on its shelves, this unique book store offers the Saskatoon community a little something for everyone. Book lovers can delve into the different genres that range from children’s books to philosophy and classic literature.

indie bookstore saskatoon

The store is owned by Aimee Martens, who aimed to create something a little different from other independent book stores which were, unfortunately, going out of business. Peryton Books utilizes an automated system to catalog books’ titles and keep up with each of their customer’s wish lists!

Through their automated system, this book store provides great convenience for book lovers – especially those searching for something specific. It is also located in beautiful Riversdale which can easily be accessed by people going about their everyday activities. Peryton Books is a go-to place for people looking to find a good read.

Hecate’s Magickal Marketplace

This marketplace has products for people in all phases of their metaphysical journey. Their products include incense, body scrubs, handmade body butter, oils, leather-bound books, crystals, and jewelry. Some classes are also offered to help customers learn more about their spiritual path.

Founded by Jason Kyluik, the business has steadily grown and piqued the interest of many members of the Saskatoon community. Kyluik is committed to offering a variety of products and services to feed his customers’ curiosity on metaphysical matters!

Final Thoughts

Saskatoon has some of the most vibrant shopping outlets and retail outfitters of its kind. This city’s local stores and vendors have many truly unique items and services for sale! From vintage goods to books and clothing, the Saskatoon shopping scene has a little bit of everything.

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