On warm sunny days in Saskatoon, nothing beats a stroll in the great outdoors. Saskatoon, also known as the Paris of the Prairies, has some of the most remarkable nature trails in Saskatchewan.

Whether it’s an easy walk on a paved trail or a hike on a more difficult path, Saskatoon’s trails will certainly provide an unforgettable experience. They are the perfect destination for a fun afternoon, or if you’re looking for a place to clear your mind in nature.

The below trails are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

The Meewasin Valley

As one of the most well-known areas in Saskatoon, the Meewasin rests in the heart of the city. It is uniquely positioned to provide some of the best scenery in and around the Saskatoon. You can spot a number of breathtaking views along its paved paths.

The Meewasin Valley Trail is one of the most popular places to take your family out for an afternoon stroll after visiting one of Saskatoon’s best restaurants or catching some live music! They run along the South Saskatchewan River and provide access to a diverse range of parks and natural attractions.

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If you explore these trails in the fall, you’ll get a chance to see the trees change color along the river bank with a backdrop view of the city’s skyline. The Meewasin trails stretch for 90 km and stretch through downtown to meet smaller sections in residential areas that are popular among locals.

Beaver Creek Conservation Area

The Beaver Creek Conservation Area is located in the southern part of Saskatoon. You can access four looping paths to hike within this area. Though these trails vary in difficulty, visitors always have a memorable hike.

Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just looking to try something new, Beaver Creek has something for everyone! The Discovery Trail is considered to be the easiest of the bunch at only 0.9 km with an estimated walking time of 17 minutes. The Aspen Grove Trail (1.3 km) and River View Trail (1.5 km) are moderately difficult, with an estimated time of 25 and 30 minutes respectively.

If you’re looking for a challenge, the Living Sky Trail might be just what you need! This trail has a span of 3.2 km with an estimated time of 60 minutes. The terrain at Beaver Creek is bumpy and hilly but the experience is absolutely worth it!

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In addition, visitors have the chance to enjoy the renowned Beaver Creek Conservation Area interpretive centre. This wonderful location promises a day filled with fun and adventure!

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

This notable park is located along Wanuskewin Road off Highway 11 and is considered a natural heritage site. Wanuskewin Heritage Park is known for its historical significance to the First Nations peoples who have used it as a gathering place for thousands of years!

Because of it’s location off the highway on the edge of the city, Wanuskewin provides gorgeous views of the South Saskatchewan River and the Opimihaw Creek. The trails in this park have a total span of 6 km and are rated anywhere between easy to moderately difficult.

The stand-out feature of these great hiking trails is the remarkable history, and prairie scenery. Some sections of these trails were used by Indigenous communities for over 6000 years!

While take a hike through Wanusewin, you can take some time to explore the archeological sites, buffalo jump sites, wildlife, and exceptional interpretive centre located in the park.

Cranberry Flats Conservation Area

This beautiful conservation area is located not too far from the city, and it has some of the most breathtaking views in all of Saskatoon. Cranberry Flats runs adjacent to the South Saskatchewan River and its hiking trails are very popular with families, especially in the warmer months.

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The trails are preceded by a boardwalk, and they provide stunning scenery of the river as well as Wilson Shepley Island. Cranberry Flats provides its patrons with a beautiful stretch of beach and an accessible trail that leads to a remarkable lookout point near the riverbank. There are also a few steep hiking trails that lead right down to the river.

What makes Cranberry Flats so popular, besides its stunning views, is the low-intensity trail it offers. Visitors can come here to enjoy a leisurely walk in a warm, natural environment. The location is picture perfect and a truly wonderful place on a clear, sunny day.

Chief Whitecap Park Trail

From Diefenbaker Park in the heart of Saskatoon to the Chief Whitecap Park Trail is an amazing, one-way hiking and biking trail that spans about 3 km. This trail offers a spectacular view of Saskatoon’s boreal forest, sandy beaches, living skies, Yorath Island, and the River.

It is easily accessible via the Gordie Howe Bridge and is very popular among Saskatoon’s residents. If you enjoy an easy walk during the day, all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and you can start from either end of the trail.

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Many families prefer to frequent this location because of its accessibility and sprawling greenery. The best part about the Chief Whitecap Park Trail is that there are opportunities for your dog to roam around off-leash

Final Thoughts

Saskatoon is an amazing place brimming with life and activity. Over the years, the city has expanded and welcomed new residents from all over Saskatchewan and the world! It’s rare to find a city with such a lively atmosphere and access to stunning natural attractions! Saskatoon truly is the best of both worlds!

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