Saskatchewan's capital city is Saskatoon. Famous for its warm community and sense of humor. The city of Saskatoon is one of the nicest and most laid-back places on earth – let alone Canada.

This Saskatchewan city has recently increased in population and fame without losing its beauty. So, whether you're looking for an adrenaline rush or just a comfy patio to unwind on, here are some of our favorite excursions outside of the city.

The Berry Barn

Up until this very moment, we're prepared to bet that you had no idea of the Saskatoon Berry. Well, the Berry Barn is your next trip if you've never had the pleasure of eating warm Saskatoon berry pie, naturally served with vanilla ice cream.

The Berry Barn is situated on a 300-acre strawberry and fruit farm not far from downtown Saskatoon. The restaurant offers outstanding Belgian waffles, some of the greatest cabbage rolls you've ever had, and of course, Saskatoon berries on everything.

Additionally, there is a cute gift shop with an abundance of items handcrafted by regional artists.

Forestry Farm in Saskatoon

Who would have imagined that you could discover Madagascar Ruffed Lemurs and Chinese Red Pandas in Canada's plains? These animals at the Saskatoon Forestry & Park Zoo are only a sample of the changing exhibits you may find there, even though they aren't native to this region of the world.


This zoo was initially a small tree nursery, but over the course of a century, it has expanded to become one of the province's most significant ecological landmarks. More than 147 million ash, maple, elm, and willow trees have been exported from this National Historic Site to other nations.

It is also the location of Saskatchewan's most accredited zoo.

Modern Museum Remai

The Remai Modern Museum overlooks the South Saskatchewan River and houses the largest collection of Pablo Picasso's linocuts. The atrium houses a massive, permanent installation of hanging cubes made from Venetian blinds and a long fireplace with the museum's name inscribed in native languages.

In addition to Picasso's linocuts, which fill part of the museum's 11 gallery spaces, Fred Mendel's private art collection is also on display there. The museum offers summer art camps for children to inspire creativity and boost artistic self-confidence through drawing, sculpture, painting, and printmaking.

Workshops on crafting birch bark baskets and linocuts are also available to adults and teenagers.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is a good place to go if you're interested in learning about Saskatchewan's natural heritage and indigenous both past and present cultures.

You will adore the Life Sciences Gallery, where you will discover a wealth of information on the province's flora and fauna. You will also discover information about the First Nations Gallery, which features a stunning collection of items from the area's indigenous peoples.


A life-size cast of Scotty, the largest T. rex in the world, is housed in the museum, which is essentially donation-based. The museum is a major center for paleontology, sustainability, Indigenous studies, and biology research.

Its holdings contribute to Saskatchewan's cultural legacy and aid researchers from throughout the world in their study of the natural world.

Manitou Lake

Manitou is a stunningly beautiful little town just over an hour's drive from Saskatoon. A trip to this area is worth it. The biggest attraction to this area Manitou Lake, which borders the town.

The lake's high salt content makes it possible to float in it in a manner similar to that of the Dead Sea. Even though it seems strange at first, the experience is incredibly enjoyable. There are also some picnic tables and a beach area to hike along at the lake.

There are also many small shops and restaurants nearby as well as restrooms with hot showers. Additionally, there are several truly unique antique stores on the route by the lake.

The neighborhood has excellent accommodations for those who want to stay longer than a day.

Saskatoon Fun Facts

Saskatoon offers a variety of fun activities but it also has some interesting facts:

  • Even though Saskatchewan has a reputation for being flat, it is home to the tallest mountains between Labrador and the Canadian Rockies.


  • In Saskatchewan, Cree is the second most often spoken native language. Cree is a language that is spoken by thousands of people. More than half of the 74 First Nations in the Saskatchewan region is claimed to be composed of Cree bands.

  • The most northerly sand dunes in the world are found in Saskatchewan, where they may be seen next to Lake Athabasca, the eighth-largest lake in the nation. Even if you are unable to travel this far north, you can still find dunes up to 25 meters high in southern Saskatchewan's Great Sand Hills – a great place for winter photography.

Explore Saskatoon

When it comes to outdoor adventures, Saskatchewan has a lot to offer residents and visitors. This province is rich in activities that could provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience, including hiking routes, picnic spots, and places to skydive.

Despite being landlocked, Saskatchewan is home to rivers, lakes, and some of the world's best freshwater fishing. Experienced fishermen are aware of the abundance of fish in Canada's lakes, and rivers, and many outfitters are eager to promote their region.

You won't leave Manitou Lake, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Forest Park & Zoo in Saskatoon, or The Berry Barn empty-handed or without a ton of incredible tales to tell.

Bottom Line

Spending time in Nature is good for us in so many ways. We experience reduced heart rates, mental clarity, and reduced stress when we spend time in quiet nature. Take part in an experience that will allow you to connect with Nature and yourself while seeing Saskatchewan's distinctive side.

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