Saskatoon is centrally located in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is a scenic city that offers limitless entertainment and recreation choices. For beginner and experienced hikers alike, there are a variety of picturesque walking trails along the river valley and in the surrounding area.

The Meewasin Trail

The Meewasin Trail winds through downtown before extending beyond the city. It is 90 kilometres long and intersects with charming parks and stretches of preserved wilderness. The Meewasin runs on both sides of the South Saskatchewan River, which means it’s best to make multiple visits throughout the year or during different seasons so you can take it all in.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

If you want to Saskatchewan’s rich Indigenous history, the Wanuskewin Heritage Park is highly recommended. Located on Treaty 6 Territory, this park allows visitors to witness not only Saskatchewan’s scenic beauty but also the trails and landmarks Indigenous peoples have protected for thousands of years.
a hiker in a tee shirt and fishing hat pauses on a hiking trail to take in the scenery
You can also immerse yourself in historic zones such as the tipi rings, medicine wheels, and buffalo jump sites. The 6-kilometre trail is a good challenge for a beginner hiker, or you can take it easy and follow the double-back trail.

The Beaver Creek Conservation Area

If you love exploring well-preserved natural environments, then the Beaver Creek Conservation Area is perfect for you! It is located just south of Saskatoon and is ideal for bird watching and wildlife viewing. This is also what makes it a suitable trail for all ages and experience levels with the hiking trails promoting physical activity and sweat it off.

Douglas Provincial Park

Douglas provincial park has a whole host of fun activities for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts! If you’re an experienced hiker or are looking for a challenge, you can take on the 30 km hike that meanders through the park and concludes in Danielson Provincial Park.

When planning your day at Douglas Provincial park, you can add beach visits to your plan or even camp at Lake Diefenbaker if you’re keen to spend more time outdoors.

The TransCanada Trail, also known as The Great Trail stretches through Douglas Provincial Park. You can always make your experience more accessible for new hikers by walking 2 or 3 kilometres on the trail and leaving the rest to explore another time.

But, if you are a little adventurous and love giving yourself a challenge, you can hike the whole 30-kilometer trail in one trip.
an adult in a cableknit sweater hikes on a wooded bath with a child on their back in a carrier
When hiking the Douglas Provincial Park, be sure to visit the Dune Nature Centre Trail which is approximately 6.5 kilometres long if you take the loop back to your starting point. The sand dunes showcase Saskatchewan’s truly diverse landscapes.

Jorgen’s Trail

Jorgen’s Trail is open for hiking during summer and skiing in the winter. It is maintained by the Nordic Ski Club. Jorgen’s Trail is an hour from Saskatoon and located 17 kilometres north of Duck Lake.

This trail is ideal for hikers of any age with different levels of hiking experiences as its difficulty ranges from easy to moderate. You can always take a leisure hike and retrace your steps at whatever distance works best for you. Some areas are prone to flooding, though, so always check and plan before visiting Jorgen’s Trail.

Amyot Lake Trail

If you want to experience Saskatchewan’s northern wilderness, the Amyot Lake Trail is highly recommended. This trail is located in the Prince Albert National Park and promises a hiking trail within a trail. Unlike Jorgen’s Trail, the Ayot Lake Trail is classified as a difficult route so make sure to come prepared.
a herd of bison gather on saskatchewan plains
Don’t forget to pack backup gear, food, and plenty of water. This unique trail goes past Amyot Lake where a bison herd can often be spotted. The Prince Albert National Park is less than 2 and a half hours from Saskatoon, so you can plan your getaway and hike this exciting trail.

Blackstrap Provincial Park

Blackstrap Provincial Park is a forty-minute drive from Saskatoon. You can find two trails in the park, one trail is nearly 2 kilometres long while the other is over 3 kilometres. As you go through your hike, the trail will bring you past the man-made hill in the park, making you slow down and drink up the breathtaking view of the lake and the hilly landscape surrounding it.

Bottom Line

These are just some of the trails near Saskatoon that you can recommend to locals and tourists alike. The beautiful scenery and access to nature are some of the most exciting reasons to invest in Saskatoon properties. If you need assistance in buying a property in Saskatoon or managing your rental property, contact GoodDoors Property Management today!