Whether you’re looking for trendy mid-century furniture, stylish Victorian jewelry, or the perfect tchotchke to put on your mantle, Saskatoon antique shops have something for you!

As Saskatchewan’s largest city, Saskatoon offers a wide array of shops that serve individuals with incredibly diverse tastes. Much like in other cities in Canada, you can often find highly sought-after antique Pyrex, fine china, and collectible figurines in Saskatoon’s antique shops. However, this Saskatchewan city also offers antiques unique to the Canadian prairies!

When you go antiquing in Saskatoon, you’re sure to find shops packed with rural treasures like antique kerosine lamps, pioneer-era farm equipment, miniature Saskatchewan grain elevators, barn wood, and and storm windows from the early 20th century.

If you’re looking to hunt through endless treasures and shop collectables or are searching for a more curated antiquing experience, Saskatoon is the place to be!

Continue reading to learn more about Saskatoon’s best antique stores!

Vintage Mall YXE

Saskatoon’s 33rd Street West has recently had a revival and is now home to numerous vintage and antique shops, which are loved by locals and visitors alike! Vintage Mall YXE is centrally located and offers its patrons an expansive collection of antiques to look through and purchase.

Due to this location's large retail space and numerous internal antique shops, Vintage Mall YXE is a great place to shop if you’re looking for larger antiques. From chesterfields and coffee tables to armoires and bed frames, they have it all.
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In addition to their larger items, Vintage Mall YXE also has an excellent selection of vintage enamelware, art worthy of being in a Saskatoon gallery, and seasonal items. There truly is something for everyone here!

The Indefinite Article

Established in 2013, The Indefinite Article is one of Saskatoons's must-visit antique stores for interior designers, decorators, and anyone looking for unique antique furniture and housewares. When you visit The Indefinite Article you can expect to find furniture like slag glass tables from the 1920s, parlour lamps, overmantle sideboards, hallseats, and gramophones!

The owners and operators of The Indefinite Article, Orest & Marion Murawsky, are knowledgeable and can tell you the historical significance and backstory of their wares. They are keen to preserve vintage items and antiques not only because of their beauty, but because they believe in keeping items in use instead of letting them be forgotten.

Penn’s Antiques

Since 1970, Penn’s Antiques has proudly maintained a storefront on 33rd Street West in Saskatoon. In addition to selling collectibles like hockey cards and antique vinyl, Penn’s Antiques specializes in antique furniture repair and restoration!
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This means that you can ensure your family heirlooms or new-to-you antiques can always stay in their best shape. As a family-run business, Penn’s Antiques knows the value of community and will always go above and beyond to ensure their customers leave satisfied!

Past & Present Antique Shop

Located just of 20th Street West in Saskatoon is this two-story hidden gem! The Past & Present Antique shop is packed to the brim with every kind of antique you can think of. If you’re looking to expand your collection of antique toys, uranium glass or are in the market for a stylish midcentury light fixture, you can find it here!

Additionally, the Past & Present Antique Shop has a wide selection of clothing and accessories that are difficult to find elsewhere. Vintage and antique western wear can be tough to find, but this well-stocked shop always has a large selection to choose from on the main floor.
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If you’re looking for a specific item, you can always ask the proprietor! Past & Present Antique Shop has an impressive backstock of items so chances are they have what you’re looking for even if it isn’t on the sales floor!

Bottom Line

As a thriving prairie city, Saskatoon SK is home to not only a rich history but numerous antique shops where you can purchase beautiful pieces or restore a piece of the past! Furnishing your home with beautiful, high-quality furniture and housewares is a sure way to make sure your personality shines through in your space.

Unlike larger Canadian centres such as Toronto or Vancouver, Saskatoon’s antique stores offer reasonable prices which means that you can find something to cherish on any budget! Whether you’re a pop-culture enthusiast, a dedicated collector, or just someone wanting to keep a piece of prairie history in your home, Saskatoon has you covered!

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