Finding good tenants for your Regina rental property can be challenging. You want someone who can pay the rent on time, follow the lease agreement, and live in harmony with your other tenants. Although finding these qualities in a tenant can be tough, with the right approach and marketing strategy, it can be easier than you think!

A sound advertising plan helps you land qualified tenants. You need to sit down, think, and take time to strategize. Great tenants don’t just land on your lap. You need to create ads that stand out and attract the attention of good prospective renters. That is why we at GoodDoors Properties have put together this article and the below video on how to successfully advertise your rental properties.

Here are a couple of ideas you can try in order to reach your goal of finding good tenants:

1. Start with a Well-Written Marketing Headline

Capture prospective tenants’ interest by using a catchy headline . Highlight the best in-demand property features of your Regina rental. Do you have a big backyard? Do you have a rooftop garden, patio, or balcony? Does your property come with a parking spot or a relaxing pool?

Maybe your unit is located in the business hub spot where young professionals can easily walk to their offices. Being near public transport is also great to mention. These are attention-grabbing features you can use for your headline.

You have to exercise caution, however. Avoid the risk of getting carried away. Be mindful of overdoing descriptions and cramming your headline with too much information. Do away with listing the square footage or the number of rooms in the headline. These are trivial and unlikely to catch much interest from viewers.

Think about what your target market prioritizes. The more you know your target tenants, the easier it is to design an effective headline to entice them.

If your target demographics are families, mention features that they will like, such as a pool, large outdoor spaces, or a nearby park with a playground. The more benefits you highlight, the more interested your target tenants will be.

2. Design a Great Advertisement

After the headline, your next focus is what information to pack into the body of the ad. This is where adequate information is needed on your property’s location, size, and all its amenities and features. It’s best to be truthful in this area since too much exaggeration can build up expectations and lead to disappointment.

Post professional quality photos to make your advertisement distinctive. You can also include a video tour of your Regina rental home . Take stock of your best property features and present them well.

Offer tantalizing property descriptions. Outline the amenities and best features of the unit. Include a location description. Lastly, put in important extra information such as fees and other key points you want to emphasize.

3. Take Advantage of Multiple Channels to Post Your Ad

Even if you develop a great property listing/advertisement for your Regina property, it can still attract fewer prospective tenants than you’d like. You may not have a wide market reach, making your property ads go unseen. This can be easily fixed, though.

posting rental ad

Always think about the marketing distribution to gain occupants in your rental faster. Use a variety of online platforms. One good thing about it is you don’t need to pay a lot for digital marketing. Moreover, people who are seeking to rent often choose to search for a rental property online.

Here are some channels you can maximize to score more rental prospects:


Older demographics tend to pick a traditional route to find a rental space. If you’re targeting retirees, this is the best course as they’re more comfortable with searching for properties using old-school methods. Some traditional people also prefer to flip through the classified ads section of the newspaper, so this is an effective channel for marketing.

Rental Websites

Popular property listing sites are the go-to channels for those that are more open to searching on the web. You can try checking out , for example, which promotes available rental property homes across multiple cities. Thus, you can widen your marketing exposure, enabling you to gain several prospects.

What makes favorable are its extra features. Potential tenants can view 3D virtual tours, providing them with a close-to-reality experience. This encourages viewers to book property showings if they like the video tours.

Local Bulletins

Another method of advertising your Regina rental unit is by attaching flyers on bulletin boards. These boards are commonly found outside churches, schools, recreation centres, community libraries, bus stops, and grocery stores.

marketing rental property

When people are waiting, they can stop and read the flyers posted on these boards. Make them striking to grab people’s attention. Use bright papers and large fonts.

For Rent Signs

Rent/leasing signs are still effective. If the sign is large, people passing by can still look them over, sometimes unconsciously. In fact, frequently passing by signs provides an easy recall to the ad.

Local Social Media Groups

Communities or groups often create online pages via Facebook or other social media platforms . You can get in touch with community leaders, hosts, or local realtors who can help market your vacant Regina rental unit. For a fee, realtors can connect you to highly qualified tenants.

Bottom Line

Marketing a rental property will take some effort, but it can be an interesting task. You can always brainstorm creative ways to up the appeal of your ads. Prioritize your visibility to gather a wide pool of prospects. Advertise on both online and offline channels to make the most out of each platform.

Consider the money you spend on advertising your Regina rental as an investment. The greater the number of prospects, the more opportunities you gain for finding high-quality renters. This will include long-term tenants who will consistently put more money in your pocket. As a landlord, this is a priority if you want to have a successful rental business for a long time! If you need help with the success of your rental property, don’t hesitate to contact GoodDoors Property Management today.