The rental industry is highly competitive. Given this reality, you want to be ahead of the pack. To achieve your financial goals, it’s important to stay away from property vacancies. An unoccupied unit means losing money via maintenance expenses. That’s a scenario you can avoid by using effective marketing.

Before you can succeed in marketing, however, you should know what your market wants. What will sway them to pick your rental property in Regina over others? We at GoodDoors Properties have put together this article and the below question to hopefully answer that exact question!

Knowing the type of amenities that renters want will give you an edge in the rental market. Your property will stand out by offering these sought-after property features. Here are the types of amenities that tenants prioritize in their list:

1. Modern appliances

Renters will naturally check if your property contains a washer/ dryer. If your rental property has access to a Laundromat, then this lessens the need for one. Still, people like being able to do their laundry anytime they want. Modern appliances benefit renters by:

  • Saving on utility bills – newer appliances take into account energy efficiency which lowers the utility payment.

  • Making the home look stylish – old appliances tend to look bulky in contrast to new ones. The modern appliances are well-designed and give a home a chic look.

  • Offering convenience – smart features are now incorporated into new appliances, making operation automated. This provides the user with plenty of extra time.

A landlord can avoid investing in the most expensive appliances. Mid-range products that perform efficiently and contain smart features are available.

modern appliances

2. Storage space

For your rental unit in Regina, make sure you designed the area with several storage spaces. Renters like having more room to store their things. If your target market is focused on attracting a family, then this is all the more important. The larger the number of occupants, the more possessions they own. Opening up storage spaces allow the renters to:

  • Maximize space – tenants will bring their furnishings when they move. So if your storage space is small, they have to buy more cabinets and shelves.

  • Have an uncluttered surface – a rental unit in Regina with a well-thought-out storage design gives the home an organized appearance.

The need for more storage space is universal. As such, a landlord can design the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with tons of shelves and closets.

3. Outdoor space

Renters in Regina often look for a property where they can move around outside. Having a yard, balcony or patio would make your property more appealing. Outdoor spaces can function as:

  • Entertainment area – when there are small children, they can run around and play here. For adults, they can host outdoor parties.
  • Garden – greenery can refresh the eyes, so having extra outside space can provide a space for plant cultivation.

Being confined inside the home can be restricting, so extra outdoor space is a blessing to tenants.

4. Security/safety

tenant security

The sense of security/safety you can offer the tenant is at the forefront of their minds. Focus on granting this priority to your prospects in your Regina rental unit. It would help to install these items:

  • Sensors – to deter criminals, use sensors, especially in the dimly-lit outdoor areas of the home. Motion sensors will also save on costs as it lights up or gives off a sound only when an intruder appears.
  • Security camera – another crime deterrent is installing a security camera. This can monitor the comings and goings of people around the home and record their appearance.
  • Solid locks – some landlords invest in electronic access for more security. Still, you can use deadbolt locks and heavy-duty locks to effectively discourage burglars as well.

A good landlord invests in sound security measures. It’s understood that no matter the rental property location, security will always matter.

5. Flexible pet policies

If you want your rental property in Regina to attract more renters, consider applying flexible pet rules. Renters will appreciate a landlord that allows them to own pets for:

  • Companionship/emotional support – studies have shown that pets alleviate stress so owning one can help ease loneliness and improve one’s mood.

  • A reasonable prohibition – even when renters are permitted to own pets, you can limit pets to certain breeds and sizes.

It’s understandable for landlords to have reservations about being a pet-friendly unit, but sensible conditions can be outlined.

6. Parking

If a tenant’s workplace is a long commute from your Regina rental unit, then car ownership is logical.

parking space

As a landlord, having a good parking area will ensure your renters’ vehicles are secure. Parking areas are:

  • High in demand – when renters work far, they need a good space to park their automobiles. It’s tiring to constantly look for a vacant spot to keep your vehicle safe.

  • Useful to shield vehicles – harsh weather can damage the car so it’s helpful for car owners to have a regular parking spot.

A good landlord knows that a parking amenity is considered precious by many renters.

7. Centralized heater

In Regina, a centralized heater is a piece of essential equipment to ward off the cold, especially during winter. Making heating centralized provides convenience and makes the rental unit warm and cozy. Other benefits of centralized heating are:

  • Efficiency – the circulation of heat in the entire house is quicker and can provide comfort easily.

  • Quiet – the system’s operations are silent with built-in vents.

Although initial costs for a centralized heating system is high, the rewards can be huge to tenants.

Bottom line

When you’re focused on delivering the amenities that tenants desire, it’s far easier to market your unit in Regina. Filling out your vacancies becomes much quicker. You can also reasonably meet your optimal rental earnings for the year. It might require initial investments, but doing so will also raise the value of your rental property.

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