Are you moving to Regina, Saskatchewan? If so, you way be wondering: What’s the best place to live in Regina? When moving, it’s important you make the right decision in terms of the neighborhood you choose.

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a neighborhood. Are you prioritizing security and safety? Do you want to live in one that’s close to schools, parks, and places of worship?

To get a clear idea of what Regina offers, you need to explore all the different neighborhoods.

Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, is the 16th largest city in Canada. In the past few years, Regina’s economy has improved, creating many new job opportunities. That said, whether you’re a young professional, a student, or have a family, there will be a perfect Regina neighborhood for you.

Below is a guide to the different neighborhoods in Regina.

Neighborhood for Young Professionals

If you’re a young professional, Regina has a lot of business opportunities. Here are 2 neighborhoods that are perfect for young professionals:

Argyle Park

Starting from the north and moving towards the south, Lakeview took over 50 years to develop.

After a few of years, Lakeview became the top choice for successful professionals and business people. In Lakeview, you can find large, modern homes made of stone and brick, instead of traditional wood. This makes the homes’ exterior sturdier.

argyle park

Lakeview also offers several family-friendly recreational facilities. Here, you can find:

  • Unique parks such as the Kiwanis and Kinsmen

  • Mature urban forests

  • Regina’s most extensive community gardens

  • Two elementary schools and one high school

  • Shopping centers

Finally, Lakeview is home to nine places of worships!


Another popular area for young professionals is Liberty Village. Once an industrial area with several factory buildings, Liberty Village is now home to modern cafes, lofts and bars. The city has become a trendy place with numerous spaces to live, work, and play.

It’s now opening its doors to upcoming media, tech, and design companies. The village also has an urban feel because of its mix of red brick Victorian architecture and contemporary art.

Neighborhood for Families Moving to Regina

Regina is perfect for families because it has several safe neighborhoods with schools and family-friendly facilities.

Coronation Park

You can find Coronation Park on the border of the Argyle neighborhood. Developed in the 1950s, Coronation Park is a known post-war neighborhood.

The community has single-detached homes and multi-unit residences that are close to commercial areas. You can find commercial activities on the main streets, including Sherwood Drive, Albert Street, and Avonhurst.

In this neighborhood, you can find Regent Park. This park is full of entertainment as it includes a golf course, an outdoor pool, a basketball court and an indoor skating rink.

The neighborhood is also family-oriented because it has two high schools and three elementary schools.

coronation park

Arcola East

This neighborhood is one of the largest in Regina. University Park and Gardiner Park are the first subdivisions in Arcola East, created in the 1970s. These subdivisions feature single-detached homes that are ideal for families.

In Arcola East, you can find The Creeks and the Greens on Gardiner. Both subdivisions have a mix of single-detached homes and multi-level residences. There are also eight different schools and six places of worship that cater to various religions.

You can also see a large shopping area located along three lakes. There is also a community center and several bike and walking paths. One appealing feature of the community is its safety, making it an excellent option for families.

Neighborhood for Students Moving to Regina

If you’re a student wanting to study at University of Regina, or any of institute, you may want to consider Whitmore.


Whitmore Park is a residential area that was created postwar. Its community is diverse. This is the perfect neighborhood for students as it’s close to several schools, such as the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. This area is also great for parents with young children as there are three elementary schools and one high school in the area. Moreover, Whitmore also has five places of worship for students or anyone who practices religion.

Another Great Neighborhood

Rosemount/Mount Royal

This neighborhood is ideal for those who want to live in a safe area surrounded by many green spaces.

Located in the western area of Regina, Rosemount and Mount Royal are two mature neighborhoods. Initially, when these neighborhoods were developed in the 1940s, the homes were single-detached. However, recently, developers added multi-unit houses to the area.

Inside both subdivisions, you can find:

  • Parks, such as A.E. Wilson Park and Rick Hansen Park

  • Four schools surrounded by a lot of greenery

  • A small shopping center

These neighborhoods are also known for their accessible routes and their safety and security.


Bottom Line

If you’re planning to move to Regina, you have several options to consider. Depending on your wants and needs, you can definitely find the best Regina neighborhood for you. Now that you know some of the most popular neighborhoods in Regina, you’ll be able to make a solid decision.

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