Regina is a great place to raise a family. It is the second-largest city in Saskatchewan. Many people know it by the name of Queen City because Regina means “Queen” in Latin.

As a cultural and commercial hotspot in Southern Saskatchewan, Regina provides an endless array of sport and recreation opportunities. There are hundreds of parks, well-known attractions, events, and captivating art spaces.

If you’re planning to live or invest in Regina, you should have a rough idea of what the city is like beforehand, especially if you’re never visited it before. Keep on reading for an overview of the city’s climate, educational opportunities, transportation, and recreation ideas.

Regina Climate

Regina has dry, windy, and frigid cold winters. The colder weather lasts typically from October through April. The summers in Regina are warm, however, these temperatures typically only last from July through August. In between the winter and these periods of warmer temperatures, Regina temperatures typically fluctuate between being comfortable and cool.

If you prefer cooler weather and longer winters, Regina is definitely the place for you!

Growth Potential

Most people who move to Saskatchewan base their choice on the region's relatively low cost of living compared to other provinces in Canada. The high quality of life and Regina's overall economic growth are both attractive prospects to those thinking of moving here.

Image Source: Jd.101 / CC BY-SA (

Image Source: Jd.101 / CC BY-SA (

Compared to other cities in Canada, owning a home is more affordable in Regina. That said, many people still opt to live in a rental home when they first move to the city. This allows them to get a better feel of the different neighbourhoods in Regina before choosing one and making a down payment. If you’re in the market for a rental property, contact GoodDoors Properties for help finding your perfect rental home.

Educational Opportunities

In total, Regina has three school divisions. The first is the Regina Public School Board, which covers all public elementary and high schools. Then there’s the Regina Catholic School Board, which administers all elementary and high schools with a Roman Catholic affiliation. Finally, there is the Conseil des écoles Fransaskoises, which runs all school divisions that are French-only.

As far as post-secondary educational options, there is the University of Regina, the First Nations University of Canada, and the Regina Campus of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Students in Regina clearly have a wide variety to choose from!

Convenient Commutes

While Regina is not a small city, most residents work commutes don’t take too much time. From most areas of Regina, you can make it to any other place in the city within 20 minutes.

This is a significant benefit of living in the city. You'll not only save time on tedious commutes, but you can also enjoy the associated financial savings as well. Less time spent commuting is also better for the environment!

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High-Quality Transportation Options

There a variety of great public transportation options in Regina and its immediate surroundings. In fact, the local public transit system is the oldest in the entire province. It carries over 6 million passengers on 20 routes in Regina. There's also the Regina Paratransit unit that runs buses equipped with lifts for people experiencing a disability.

You'll find Regina is also conveniently located on the Trans-Canada Highway, which provides easy access to other provinces and cities in the country. Finally, there are two railway service providers in Regina: the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian National. With all of these options available, you’ll definitely have a means of getting around.

Local Sports

Regina is home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, a professional Canadian Football League team. This community-owned team brings in crowds of over 30,000 people to every game.

There are many other sports events and teams coming out of Regina. These include the Canadian Intercollegiate Sports, the WHL Regina Pats, and even Western Major Baseball. Plus, Rider Nation is hailed as one of the best pro sports brands in Canada. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll definitely find a team for you in Regina!

Recreation Opportunities

The City of Regina has done an outstanding job of providing numerous recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike. There are five outdoor pools in the city that are open between June 14 and September 3. There are also outdoor spray pads to beat the summer heat from June 3 to September 17.

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Regina has many green spaces. It’s various parks and playgrounds make for so much parkland and open space that no other major Canadian city can compete with it. Many of the parks in Regina feature picnic grounds that are open to the public use.

One of the recreational gems of Regina is its multi-use pathway system, which is considered a gem of the city. These pathways and cycling routes can be found all over the city and allow people to go skateboarding, running, cycling, walking, and rollerblading. During the winter, these paths are popular among cross country skiers too.

The City of Regina owns various golf courses that are operated by independent management companies. The ownership structure of these golf courses makes it so that golfing can be a low-cost activity for the families living in the City. This is another great form of recreation for you to enjoy while you’re in town!

Places to Visit in Regina, Saskatchewan

When you live in Regina, you'll find plenty of activities and entertainment for yourself and your family. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, be sure to visit these places:

1. Saskatchewan Science Centre

This is the interactive museum that is perfect to visit with children or a group of curious adults. There are stage shows, interactive exhibits, and interesting workshops. The place hosts a 3D IMAX movie theatre as well.

2. Regina Farmer's Market

Regina Farmer's Market has been in the business since 1975. Residents of Regina love this place because you can find locally grown and handmade products that are healthy and support the Saskatchewan communities.

Image Source: waferboard via Flickr

Image Source: waferboard via Flickr

3. Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum showcases the natural and geological history of the province. You'll learn about Indigenous culture and understand various processes that could threaten the ecological balance of the province.

Conclusion: Living in Regina, Canada

Living in Regina means enjoying a favourable economic climate, full four seasons, and a wide variety of recreational opportunities in and close to the city. Plus, you'll never run out of ideas on what to do because there are frequent events and community gatherings taking place in Regina.