In addition to being home to musical talents like Colter Wall, The Northern Pikes, Volcanoless in Canada, and The Dead South, Saskatchewan hosts musical talent from all over the world at its many music festivals.

If you’re a music buff or are just looking for a new genre to explore or act to follow, it’s well worth it to take a road trip and check out one of the top-tier music festivals detailed below.

Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival

With free stages throughout Saskatoon’s scenic river valley and paid performances at high-end venues like the Bessborough Gardens, The Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is perfect for jazz aficionados and newbies alike.

As Saskatchewan’s largest cultural event, this ten-day festival hosts artists that play jazz, blues, worldbeat, and funk. Since its debut in 1987, The Saskatchewan Jazz Fest has provided Saskatchewan’s residents and visitors with opportunities to experience diverse jazz music and support the development of emerging artists.

A bartender pours a pint of on-tap amber ale at a local craft brewery

Because of this internationally-recognized festival’s central location, patrons have excellent access to Saskatoon’s best restaurants and bars. Whether you’re attending with family and friends or want to take in the tunes on a solo Saskatchewan adventure, the Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is sure to impress.

Bass in the Bush Music Festival

The three-day Bass in the Bush Music Festival is perfect for those wanting to get out of the city and enjoy live music for 18 hours a day. Featuring food vendors and a marketplace, patrons can take advantage of convenient amenities after setting up camp on pristine land near Porcupine Plain.

It’s important to note that this cultural event does not allow alcohol on site and only admits guests aged 19+. All individuals must present government-issued photo ID before entering the festival grounds.

Long Day’s Night Music Festival

On the four longest days of the year, people from all over Saskatchewan and beyond gather to enjoy music and celebrate the land of living skies in Swift Current. Featuring everything from rock to trap and house, Long Day’s Night hosts award-winning artists with chart-topping hits.

As one of Swift Current's most popular cultural events, you can find entertainment for the whole family at Long Day’s Night and even check out the Windscape Kite Festival while you’re at it!

Ness Creek Music Festival

Ness Creek attendees describe this music festival as a family reunion. Patrons of this iconic festival camp in some of Saskatchewan’s most beautiful wilderness.

a saskatchewan lake reflecting a bright blue sky and flanked by trees on a summer day

When you go to Ness, you can enjoy puppetry, dance workshops, permaculture, and kitchen jams in addition to the work of international and local musicians. With an average of 3000 attendees, you’re bound to make friendships to last a lifetime at the Ness Creek Music Festival!

Swamp Fest

Started by five dedicated artists, musicians, and business owners in Regina, Swamp Fest aims to support emerging and local artists, re-imagine community spaces, and create connections between diverse communities.

If you want to support emerging musical talents in Saskatchewan and check out some innovative art installations and performances, this is your chance. As a festival attendee, you can even contribute to the evolving lore of this festival’s mascot, T.A.B. – the Toxic Algae Blob that lives in Wascana Lake!

Chester Fest

Do you think music festivals need more couches? Then Chester Fest is perfect for you! Chester Fest Couch + Music Festival attendees can spend two days admiring 100 vintage couches and catching some of the best music Saskatchewan has to offer! With 16 acts and three stages to explore, Chester Fest offers fun for the whole family.

Regina Folk Fest

Rain or Shine, the Regina Folk Festival features entertainment for audiences of all ages! As a celebration of culture, this dynamic festival celebrates music and culture by offering free daytime musical performances, youth workshops, artist talks, and film screenings.

a deejay in a blue hat prepares for a set at the regina folk fest

At night, you can visit the Vendor Town, relax in the beer gardens, or dance in the crowd at the main stage.

Bow Valley Jamboree

Looking for a fun day trip? Check out the Bow Valley Jamboree! This one-day festival is suitable for all ages and offers amenities like food vendors, beer gardens, and a children’s area, in addition to great live music.

From jazz and blues to Latin and country, Bow Valley has a little something for everyone. So, if you’re ready to find your new favourite musician, be sure to add the Bow Valley Jamboree to your summer plans.

Bottom Line

Saskatchewan’s arts and culture scene keeps getting more dynamic as local music festivals gain traction and attract visitors and Saskatchewan residents alike. Whether you want to get groovy in the city or spend time under the stars in Sask’s gorgeous countryside, there is a festival for you in the land of the living skies.

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