Saskatchewan has plenty to offer residents and visitors alike! From bustling cities to provincial parks and everything in between, this dynamic province has something for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for some adventure this summer, keep reading!

This article will walk you through some of Saskatchewan’s most interesting and exciting attractions.

The Crooked Trees

Also known as the Crooked Bush or the Twisted Trees, this natural attraction is a botanical mystery.

Located near Hafford and Speers, SK, the Crooked Trees feature a wooden boardwalk that winds between a small forest of Quaking Aspen trees, all of which grow at odd angles, doubling back on themselves and bending toward the ground or parallel with the horizon.

These trees' strange growth patterns have been attributed to everything from genetic mutations to UFOs. First discovered in the 1940s, one of the most exciting parts of this natural phenomenon is that the same species of Aspen trees grow straight and tall just a few meters from this site.

So, whether you’re looking to picnic on a sunny afternoon or want to explore a grove like no other, the Crooked Bush is a perfect stop on your Saskatchewan road trip!

Giants of the Prairies

Do you love coffee? Want to see the world’s largest snowman, tomahawk, or coffee pot? Then it’s time to hop in the car and explore Saskatchewan!
a traveller stands near their red jeep and takes a picture of a scenic valley in central saskatchewan
While other provinces in Canada also feature absurdly large roadside attractions, nothing beats staring up at the silhouette of a giant paperclip or moose flanked by one of Saskatchewan’s world-famous sunsets.

Below is a list of Saskatchewan's most popular larger-than-life roadside attractions

  • World’s Largest Honey Bee: Tisdale, SK
  • World’s Largest Oil Can: Rocanville, SK
  • Canada’s Largest Baseball Bat: Battleford, SK
  • World’s Tallest Ukrainian Lady: Canora, SK
  • Mac the Moose: Moose Jaw, SK
  • World’s Largest Tomahawk: Cut Knife, SK
  • World’s Tallest Lily: Parkside, SK
  • World’s Largest Snowman: Kenaston, SK
  • World’s Largest Coffee Pot: Davidson, SK

Don’t forget, the towns that house these larger-than-life statues have even more to explore! After your photo-op with some of the world’s largest things, be sure to check out a local diner, business, or cultural museum.

Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Featuring three underground adventures detailing Saskatchewan’s complicated and dynamic history, the Tunnels of Moose Jaw are ready to welcome guests year-round.

Currently, guests can choose to explore the following tunnels.

The Chicago Connection

Guests on this tour will be transported back to 1929!
the tops of dozens of wine bottles similar to those rumoured to have been bootlegged in moose jaw by the capone organization
On this bootlegging-centric tour, you’ll be guided through the tunnels on a mission to buy liquor from the Capone Organization and avoid the local constabulary while you’re at it.

Bunker 24

The guides on this tour will take you back to 1958, when Canada, emerging from the tragedies of the great depression and WWII, witnessed the nuclear arms race and the Cold War unfold all around them. This tour will provide historical context and give guests a chance to prove whether they have the mettle to survive in Bunker 24!

Passage to Fortune

While Canada now prides itself on being a multicultural nation, this wasn’t always the case. Passage to Fortune provides a glimpse into the history of Chinese immigration to Canada. Guests can witness the perseverance and determination of Chinese immigrants and see how they came to shape this country.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Trip

Gas Up Often

Towns in the Canadian Prairies can seem few and far between, especially if it’s your first road trip. Be sure to fill your gas tank whenever you can to ensure you get to your next stop safely!

Ask the Locals

When in doubt, check out tourist centres in the towns you come across on your journey. Local experts will surely help you find hidden gems and even heritage sites to visit that will take your road trip to a whole other level!

Pack for All Weather

Like many places in Canada, Saskatchewan has temperamental weather. Be sure to pack clothes for hot sunny days, cold rainy nights, and everything in between.
a decaying farmhouse on the Saskatchewan prairies against the backdrop of a thunderstorm with purple clouds and a brilliant strike of lightning hitting the ground several kilometres away
While you should be able to pick up a raincoat or sunhat in most towns, packing one ahead of time will save you money on your trip and let you make the most of Saskatchewan’s Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Take a Map

While most of the province has great cell service, there are a few areas where mobile signals may be disrupted by inclement weather or an abundance of trees. We recommend packing a paper map or printing off your trip plan so you always have a backup if cell service is disrupted.

Bottom Line

While there’s more to Saskatchewan than the attractions listed above, the above are great places to start your Saskatchewan road trip! Whether you love nature, are a history buff, or love making the most of memories through photo ops, Saskatchewan has something for you!

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