Whether you’re a Saskatoon resident, plan to visit relatives for the holidays, or just want to enjoy a Winter getaway in the city, knowing what to do to keep yourself entertained when the cold rolls in can come in handy.

Fortunately, Saskatoon offers a ton of fun and unique indoor activities to keep you warm, cozy and entertained.

The next time you feel bored at home during the freezing Winter in Saskatoon, make sure to check out these indoor attractions:

YXE Smash Therapy

Need to blow off some steam? Visit YXE Smash Therapy and release your stress by smashing and breaking objects in a safe space.

Individual and group packages are available if you want to take your friends with you! However, this business only serves patrons aged 13 years and older.

YXE Smash Therapy partners with the Electronic Recycle Association for sourcing IT equipment. If you want to make donations of breakable goods, you can also bring them and help stock YXE Smash Therapy’s smash rooms.

Breakout Escape Rooms and Game Lounge

Another great place to visit in Saskatoon is the Breakout Escape Rooms and Game Lounge. You can choose from seven escape rooms suitable for two to 12 players.

Breakout offers family-friendly escape rooms so you can enjoy this activity with all of your loved ones. Other rooms offer horror-based narratives if you want a more thrilling experience.
a game tocken shaped like a cowboy on a horse sits on the chance square on a monopoly board
Breakout’s board game lounge has more than 400 games to play! Breakout Escape Rooms and Game Lounge is great if you want to keep yourself entertained during cold Winter days in Saskatoon.

Western Development Museum

If you want to learn more about Saskatchewan’s history, we recommend visiting the Western Development Museum! This museum allows you to journey through prairie history from 1910 to the present day!

The primary attraction in this museum is Boomtown, an indoor replica of a pioneer town. Along the town’s main street, you can explore the local school, general store, blacksmith shop, and train station.

To complete your experience, you can even have your picture taken while dressed in a period costume at the Boomtown Photo Studio.

In addition to Boomtown, the Western Development Museum offers visitors a chance to learn about Indigenous history on the prairies and how the population coped during the great depression.

Plus, don’t forget to satisfy your hunger and grab a bite to eat at one of Saskatoon’s most well-known restaurants, the Boomtown Café! Their breakfast is a favourite among Saskatoon residents.

Yuk Yuks Comedy Club

Need a dose of laughter? The Yuk Yuks Comedy Club has got you covered! For over 25 years, Yuk Yuks Comedy Club has hosted top-notch comedy acts in Saskatoon and is a staple in the Saskatoon entertainment industry.

Remai Modern

Another great indoor activity you can do during the cold Winter days in Saskatoon is spending a day at the Remai Modern. This gallery is sure to satisfy art enthusiasts and is renowned for its modern art collection.
a modern art gallery patron standing in front of a canvas featuring numerous multicoloured dots
On top of the gallery's art installations and collections, the Remai complex offers other unique experiences for its visitors.

You can dine at the cafe, enroll in art-making classes, and check out the unique arts and design store. The Remai is an accessible and family-friendly space that you can enjoy while warming up indoors.

Persephone Theatre

Are you looking to enjoy a comedy or a drama? If so, the Persephone Theatre is the place for you!

Attending shows at this theatre means you get to watch a curated selection of live performances that feature talent from local and national playwrights, tech teams and actors!

After watching a show, you can go directly to the Edney Community Library to read a few theatre-related books and learn about everything that goes into producing and staging a play.

The facility also provides a series of Theater School PD Days, offering professional development programs for local youth.

Winter Trip Tips

Try the following tips to make your Winter in Saskatoon as pleasant as possible!

Drive if You Can

While Saskatoon is a very walkable city during the warmer months, it can be hard to get around on foot during the Winter – especially if you’re not staying close to Downtown or Broadway.

In particular, if you want to explore areas just outside the city, like the Wanuskewin Heritage Park, be sure to take a car, as public transit may not always be available.

Dress for the Weather

While Saskatoon has notoriously cold Winters, it’s also one of the sunniest cities in Canada during the Winter months.
Two friends layer sweaters under winter jackets while walking in downtown saskatoon
This city’s Winter temperatures can range from + 5°C to - 40°C. To make sure you’re prepared for any weather, wear layers made of natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or wool.

Bottom Line

Saskatoon is a place that has so much to offer – even in the middle of Winter. Make sure to explore the area to get the best out of this city all year long!

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