RCMP Sergeant Major's Parade - Starting July 31 to August 4 there is a RCMP Parade at the RCMP Academy, depot division. Come see the the drill staff put the cadets through their paces, roll call and inspection of the troops. This event starts at 12:45 pm and be sure to register by 12:00 pm at the RCMP heritage center.

History Alive! Vignettes - This event starts July and goes through to September, Monday and Wednesdays at the legislative building at 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You get to watch life unfold for Saskatchewan's first Lieutenant Governor, Amédée Forget, and his wife, Henriette through theatrical skits.

150 Species event - This is an event is at Regina’s museum to recognize Canada’s 150 years the museum decided to put up a display of 150 Saskatchewan's historical species and fossils and to show where the species came from. This is being held on July 1st to September 5.

A Canadian Dream - 1965 to 1970 - This is held at the Mackenzie Art Gallery, You will see artwork as the nation shows a transition for British colonial identity, the rise of united states as a cultural, the divisions between french and english speaking Canada, the voice from Canada Indigenous communities, second wave of feminism, and debates around multiculturalism that has reshaped Canada’s cultural landscape. The event starts June 10 and goes to August 20.