Welcome to winter in Saskatoon, the capital and largest city in Saskatchewan. A city full of interesting buildings, restaurants, wonderful neighborhoods, and above all, fun winter activities. In Saskatchewan, skating rinks are a typical sight during the winter.

Kids and adults’ empty ponds, lakes, and other areas for spontaneous celebrations and games of Shinny.

Winter lake enthusiasts can literally skate across to their neighbors for an outdoor fire and hot chocolate by using the network of interconnected rinks and tracks that many frozen and snow-covered lakes transform into in front of the cottages.

Want to have that complete Christmas experience? GoodDoors Property Management has put together this article showing what Saskatoon’s ice rinks have to offer:

Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink at Nutrien Plaza

The Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink is a local favorite, located beneath the Delta Bessborough. The rink is situated in the heart of Saskatoon with views of the South Saskatchewan River and is surrounded by illuminated Evergreens. There is also an outdoor bonfire and a warm-up shack.

Patrons can use the rink every day from midday until nine o'clock. The rink also hosts several skating events throughout the year, such as the Meewasin Sip & Skate.

Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval


The Gordie Howe Sports Complex oversees the Skating Oval on behalf of the city of Saskatoon. Speed skaters will find an exhilarating change of scenery and space at the Oval, but it is not just for the speed skating daredevils; there is space for skaters of all skill levels.

Every level of skater room and access the many lanes at various speeds. Restrooms, snack, and beverage vending machines, and warming-up facilities are also available at the center.

Skating Rink at Innovation Place Garden Park

In the winter, Innovation Place, which is close to the University of Saskatchewan, has a lovely skating rink on its outside pond. You might be fortunate and find the rink to yourself because not many people are aware of it.

If you enjoy taking pictures while you're out in the city, this area is a dream. The pond is available to the public, but the on-site ski resort is solely accessible to tenants.

Boffins Public Garden

In the summer, Boffins Public Garden's pond is well-known for its resident koi fish, but it is transformed into a lovely skating pond in the winter. There is an outdoor fire pit for warming up and a wooden gazebo for shade.

This is one of the province's most amazingly beautiful skating spots at night because of how stunning it is when strings of light connect the grounds together. The pond is available to the public, but the on-site chalet is solely accessible to tenants.


Idylwyld Park

The basic sheet of ice in Idylwyld Park, close to the river, between Saskatchewan Crescent and Poplar Crescent is one of the city’s favorite outdoor rinks.

If the rink needs to be cleared of snow, there are frequently two nets on the ice and a shovel close by. You also won't have to wait until dawn to get out on the ice because the park is also lit at night.
Ice Skating in Saskatoon

You cannot trick your way through skating. It requires effort, perseverance, and practice. Which is why ice skating is one of the activities that best describes Saskatoon and locals are eager to share this particular pastime.

Communities flood paths, pads, and ice-skating rinks. Many frozen and snow-covered lakes transform into a web of connected rinks and trails in front of cabins, allowing winter lake visitors to figuratively skate over to their neighbors for an outdoor fire and hot chocolate.

While lake life is a little different in the winter than it is in the summer.

If the weather becomes a little too cold to be outside, Saskatoon offers five municipal indoor rinks in addition to a large number of outdoor skating rinks. Some even offer free skate rentals if you haven't been skating in a while.

Things to Do in Saskatoon


Saskatoon is one of Canada's most talked-about cities as it offers so much. There are many reasons to step outside and enjoy the snowy season with all the exciting winter activities in and around Saskatoon.

The most famous justification is probably to put on your gear, fasten your shoes, and begin skating. If this does not appeal to you, do not panic.

Other enjoyable and interesting activities include playing a quiet round of golf, visiting a leisure center, antique stores, going skiing or tobogganing, or even renting out recreational facilities if you want to stay a while.

Bottom Line

Winter can seem like a long season, but this shouldn't be the case if you are in Saskatoon, where there are numerous fantastic and inexpensive things to do with your family. Say goodbye to dull winters with this list of the top 5 things to do.

There are entertaining events in Saskatoon to keep visitors around, so investors wishing to make investments in Saskatoon need not worry about their buildings being unoccupied throughout the winter.

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